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The Vexed Vending dream began when we first moved to Japan, a place where anything can be put in a vending machine and machines exist on every street. After an eventful three years teaching English in Iwaki, Fukushima we returned to our hometown with the hope to do something with vending machines that was more creative than snacks. We pleasantly discovered a ton of fantastic individuals just like us that vend strange, fun, and useful items out of vending machines!

What we do:

We are a community oriented vending machine that sells local goods from  local makers.

We are a mini art gallery selling prints from local artist.

We are a carefully curated treasure box of thrifted items.

We make games to keep people in your venue, chillin' with friends and (of course) buying more drinks.

We are a vibe matching company that looks to connect local artists and local venues while adding some of our own creations.

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